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Living From Inspiration is designed to support and guide you when you're ready to let go of the myth of struggle and create a life of fun, play, bliss, and predictable miracles!  It's all there for you, all you need to do is twofold:  1.  be willing to hand it over to Source/God/Universe/whatever-you-want-to-call-it,  2. put in your small percentage and lift your vibration using your connection to your body, your emotions, and your "Big S" Self.  Living From Inspiration provides tools, methods, and uplifting discourse to do just that. And it can be easy!  Soon-to-come online retreats will take you through the process step-by-step so that you will find yourself moving up the vibrational scale...more...and more...and more!

('re gonna find the word "FUN" throughout this whole site...a LOT!)

Lorrie has the unique ability to lovingly tap into what's going on with YOU, whether it's conscious or not, and to guide you through unravelling the energy so that you are clear, uplifted, and can feel all the love, acceptance and endless possibilities available to you.  She is also dedicated to YOU learning how to do this for yourself.  The online retreats will help you to learn these skills so that you can.  This way you can unravel yourself anytime...any place!   

Remember that this is a process.  It's a journey (as cheesy as that sounds;).  It really is all about this much can you milk it for all the deliciousness it's worth??  As you consistently connect with your TRUE, divine, "Big S" Self by following the specific suggestions and tools in this site, you will find that each and every moment has infinite depth, infinite beauty, infinite richness, infinite bliss, and infinite possibility.  And if you're in a place where it's difficult to connect, that's AWESOME TOO!  We have just what you need as well.  And again, all you need to get started is the willingness.  The desire.  Because things are already moving on their own for you.  You are in a current of Grace and Love unlike anything you could imagine.  

And we gotta say.  This whole journey?  It's the most fun.  Ever.    


About Lorrie

Lorrie has been guiding people to their bliss for the last 20 years.  She's worked with clients from around the world, from Buddhist nuns and monks, to policewomen, to artists to housewives, to businessmen...on all different topics.  Money, relationship, success, sex, insecurities, physical issues, and with some, simply deepening their spiritual connection.  She is still constantly delighted by the connections, discoveries, progress, expansion, and *fun* she and her clients all have together.  

A contributor to the best selling book, Wake Up, Live the Life You Love: Purpose with co-contributors such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Mark Victor Hansen, Lorrie is currently working on her own, unique book that serves as an introduction to the steps to enter into this new Reality of fun, full, blissful, easy living and *thriving* she teaches in Living From Inspiration.  She was personally trained and mentored by Dr. Alex Loyd founder of The Healing Codes and Trilogy, who is also a dear dear friend, and Dr. Ben Johnson, co-author of The Healing Codes NY Times best-selling book and interviewee in the movie The Secret.

At any given moment, you may find Lorrie doing one of many, many things.  She is a writer, a poet, a singer, a songwriter, an actress, a voiceover artist, a yoga instructor, an aerial silks nymph, a lover of nature, a welder, an artist, a lover, a hiker, a gardener, a get the picture.  The sky is the limit!  And of course, very dear to her heart, a very gifted and loving guide and coach.  You can find links to many of her other activities and offerings linked throughout the site under "Lor's Sites".

Enjoy.  Be inspired.  We love you.


Lorrie's "story":  We generally don't go into "story" with Living From Inspiration.  We understand at the same time, that Lorrie's story is inspiring, so she has decided to share it with you.  It is actually a very sweet thing for her to think about now, as the difficult times she experienced brought her to the beautiful life she lives now!  At the same time, please know that you don't have to have intense experiences in order to expand.  

Lorrie began her spiritual journey unknowingly when she was very young (well, we all really do!).  She can remember running across uplifting sayings, cutting them out, and pasting them into notebooks when she was 5 and 6 years old.  

She began her quest in earnest in a time of need.

Just after college, Lorrie was pursuing an acting career and while on a movie set one day, she collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.  They couldn't figure out what was wrong and sent her home telling her to "hydrate."  Starting at the age of 22, Lorrie was bed bound and house bound for the next 8 years.  Much of the time involved a great deal of physical pain, but even more painful to her was the feeling that she was not living the full, successful, dynamic life she had always envisioned for herself.

During the first several years of that difficult time, Lorrie had many medical and alternative medical procedures, tests, etc. and nothing seemed to help or provide any answers.  And she was sick of it all!  She scoured the internet just about every day and fairly soon, ran across something called "energy medicine."  She'd never heard of it.  She started to do more and more research about it and figured...she'd done pretty much everything else (including taking supplements made out of earthworms!!), so she might as well give this "energy medicine" thing a shot!  

Yes, it took some time for a full recovery.  But those methods were the first things she ran across that gave her even the semblance of minor relief.  And she could tell she was shifting internally.  That was huge!  The thing she finally came to realize and recognize was that she had to change herself and outlook.  She HAD to change the way she thought about herself and her place in the world.  Slowly, surely, she came out of the hole.  And it has been delicious ever since. 

Now, Lorrie guides others with the tools she has learned and developed and with her incredible intuition and understanding of how this all works.  And she inspires others with all that she does.  

Enjoy.  Be inspired.  We love you.