*The Basic Trilogy casts a very wide net. You’ll find that One On One Customized Trilogy Processes are the most powerful and effective. After that, the Trilogy Processes in the Online Subscription Program are the next step down as far as power and effectiveness (and very cost-effective). Basic Trilogy is wonderful to use when you aren’t able to do One On One Sessions or the Online Subscription Programs.

Identify the subject you’d like to shift your energy around. Rate it from 0 - 10, 10 is the most negatively intense. Before doing the Code, say your intention or a prayer from your heart about what you are releasing and what you are moving towards (stated in the positive). While doing the Code, either meditate, pray with a positive focus, or focus on something that feels good to you. Afterwards, relax for 5 - 15 minutes. Re-rate the subject after the rest period or the next day. You can do the Basic Trilogy Process at any time.

Minute 1:  Acupoints (tap lightly on either side with either hand)

Set an intention/say a prayer from your heart that all blockages and reversals in your energy circulatory system be totally, completely, and permanently healed, and light/love energy will flow to every cell/organ/system. You can set your intention in advance or you can set it while we tap. While you are tapping, think about your issue or meditate.

1.     Eyebrows

2.     Temples

3.     Under Eyes

4.     Under Nose

5.     Chin

6.     Collar Bone

7.     Middle of Chest

8.     Sore Spot

9.     Under Arm

10.  Under Nipple

11.  Thumb

12.  Index Finger

13.  Middle Finger

14.  Little Finger

15.  Karate Chop 

16.  9 Gamut (While tapping back of hand between pinkie and ring finger knuckles)

a.      eyes closed

b.      eyes open

c.      eyes hard down left with stationary head

d.     eyes hard down right with stationary head

e.      roll eyes in a circle

f.       roll eyes in other direction

g.      hum 5 seconds of a song (Happy Bday)

h.     count from 1 to 5

i.       hum 5 seconds of a song again (Happy Bday)

Truth Focus Statement: (Must be believed as truth) – my energy is love/light energy flowing freely ad bountifully, filling everything with light and love.

Minute 2:  Healing Codes 1 and 2

Set an intention/say a prayer from your heart that all memories (generational, unconscious, subconscious, conscious) that are fear based will be transformed to neutral or love based, and the fear signal will only be sent to the hypothalamus is I am in immediate mortal danger, for the rest of my life

A.     Healing Codes 1:  (both hands held with finger tips pointing towards healing centers approx-3 inches away or in resting positions)

a.      Bridge (5 secs)

b.      Adam’s Apple (5 secs)

c.      Jaws (right hand right side, left hand left side) (5 secs)

d.     Temples (right hand right side, left hand left side) (5 seconds)

B.     Healing Codes 2:  Place palms of your hands on the healing centers

a.      Left hand Brainstem, Right hand High Bridge (20 seconds)

b.      Reverse Hands:  Left hand High Bridge, Right hand Brainstem (20 seconds)

C.     Truth Focus Statement (Must be believed as truth) My _______ memory is transformed from fear/darkness, falsehood, to light/love/truth.  Or I ask that…

Minute 3:  Conception/Governing Vessel and Energy Centers

Set an intention/say a prayer from your heart that your river of energy will be a bountiful river of love energy that feeds all meridians and points with love so there is no room for anything else and that your vortices of energy be open, free, and full of light.  

Stack your hands on top of each other, doesn’t matter which is on top.  Start at the base of your torso and come slowly up the body, your hands touching the centerline of your body, over the top of your head, down the back of your head until you reach the top of your spine.  Repeat.  Repeat again, three times total

Truth Focus Statement (Must be believed as truth)  My river of energy is 100% love energy and is feeding love to everything in my body and mind.  My vortices of energy are flowing free and powerfully with light and love.  

REST…sit and meditate or lie down and relax for 5-15 minutes.


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