Trilogy Workshops with Lorrie Rivers


What is Trilogy?

            The Trilogy Processwas developed by Dr. Alexander Loyd, creator of The Healing Codes and author of the Best-Selling book The Healing Codes. He recognized that though The Healing Codes are very powerful and can work what many would call “miracles,” there was still room for improvement.  The Healing Codes address destructive memories in the heart - that perhaps the person is not even aware of – and release the underlying spiritual/emotional issues, which allows healing on all levels.  Now…that’s great, but it hasn’t always gotten people “all the way.”  


For the past 6 years, Dr. Loyd has been experimenting with combining several different modalities that address the systems that we are made up of. Mind, body, and spirit.  Using the best, and sometimes very ancient concepts and modalities to address all three parts, he has come up with the Trilogy Process.  


It takes three minutes and addresses: 

1.   The physical and mental part of us by using acupressure points.

2.   The mental and spiritual part of us by using The Healing Codes (which he developed).

3.   The spiritual and physical part of us by making use of the governing and conception vessels as well as chakras.  

4.   The physical, mental and spiritual parts (all three together) through meditation, intention, and releasing statements.   


What can I expect in a Trilogy Workshop with Lorrie?

            We all have things we’d like to change in our lives.  Ultimately, we believe that changing the outer things will make us feel better. That it will make us happy.  How about let’s get happy first.  That means we don't have to change external circumstances.  And funnily enough, most of the time when we change the way we FEEL about ourselves, our lives, our circumstances, those outer things usually change as well.  Though that’s not the goal, ultimately.  The goal is to feel that peace, that joy, that ease. Because that’s what we want in the first place!


In your Trilogy Workshop, Lorrie will lovingly guide participants through a process that identifies what they would like to work on and what emotions are underneath whatever that subject may be. It can be around relationship, finances, health, performance, career…whatever you’d like to address! *The Trilogy Processes do not work directly on any of those subjects.  They address the underlying energetic, emotional and spiritual issues and remove stress.  Lorrie will guide participants to tap into those underlying issues that are contributing to the presenting subject (relationship, finances, etc), which is what we will ultimately address with the Trilogy Processes.  


Participants will then be guided through three Trilogy processes, sometimes a few times through.  These are:


1.   The Basic General Standard Trilogy Process.  This process is free to anyone online (Dr. Alex Loyd has a video that anyone can access).  It casts a wide net and is therefore not quite as powerful as the Custom Trilogy Process.  It is a wonderful tool for you to use at any point because it is always accessible and you can share it with friends and family.  

2.   The Basic Custom Guided Trilogy Process for the Group. This is available only from a Certified Trilogy Coach (Lorrie) and includes everyone in the room.  It is customized for everyone in the room and therefore, very powerful.  We will all do the process together in real time.   This type of Trilogy Processusually lasts longer than 3 minutes and really takes the edge off of any emotionally charged subjects.  

3.   The Basic Custom Trilogy for each person individually (a “To Go” Trilogy Process).  Also only available from a Certified Trilogy Coach (Lorrie).  Lorrie will find a Custom Trilogy Process for each participant.  The participant will write it down and do the process while Lorrie finds a “To Go” process for each person.  Participants can take the process home and do it on their own for the next week or two.  They can then use the Basic General Standard Trilogy Process (free online) or they can schedule Customized Personal Sessions.  


Lorrie will provide handouts with all hand positions and instructions for the parts of the process.  Most of the time, participants’ ratings of the subject they chose to address (10 being the most negatively charged) goes down to a 0 or a 1 during the workshop. That’s our goal!  


How can I try Trilogy out for myself to make sure it’s worth it to schedule a workshop with Lorrie? 

            We are happy to schedule a time to meet and do a Trilogy Processwith you so you can see (or FEEL it) for yourself.  The proof is in the pudding, as they say!  Please contact us at lorrie@livingfrominspiration.comand we’ll find a good time for you.  


How long does a Trilogy workshop with Lorrie last?

            Typically 1 ½ to 2 hours. We also offer the Intensive Trilogy Workshop.  Intensives usually go from 10am-1pm (break for lunch) 2pm-4pm.  


Who is Lorrie?  

Lorrie has been guiding people to their bliss for the last 20 years.  She's worked with clients from around the world, from Buddhist nuns and monks, to policewomen, to artists to housewives, to businessmen...on all different topics.  Money, relationship, success, sex, insecurities, physical issues, and with some, simply deepening their spiritual connection.  She is still constantly delighted by the connections, discoveries, progress, expansion, and *fun* she and her clients all have together.  

A contributor to the best selling book, Wake Up, Live the Life You Love: Purpose with co-contributors such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Mark Victor Hansen, Lorrie is currently working on her own, unique book that serves as an introduction to the steps to enter into this new Reality of fun, full, blissful, easy living and *thriving* she teaches in Living From Inspiration.  She was personally trained and mentored by Dr. Alex Loyd founder of The Healing Codes and Trilogy, who is also a dear dear friend, and Dr. Ben Johnson, co-author of The Healing Codes NY Times best-selling book and interviewee in the movie The Secret.

At any given moment, you may find Lorrie doing one of many, many things.  She is a writer, a poet, a singer, a songwriter, an actress, a voiceover artist, a yoga instructor, an aerial silks nymph, a lover of nature, a welder, an artist, a lover, a hiker, a gardener, a chef...well...you get the picture.  The sky is the limit!  And of course, very dear to her heart, a very gifted and loving guide and coach.  You can find out more at www.livingfrominspiration.com

Enjoy.  Be inspired.  



You can take a look at our CALENDAR to see if we’re offering any live workshops in the near future. All workshop participants must sign Disclaimer before attending.

Lorrie, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have this incredible ability to know exactly what’s going on in my head even when I don’t! Over these past few months of doing The Codes with you I’m experiencing more peace, more ease, more joy, and I am actually starting to notice more ease around my finances, which is what I came to you for. Thank you so much!
— KW, Madison, WI