Energy Psychology/Medicine is the fastest growing area in all of health (because it works). This was predicted by Dr. Oz (America's Dr.) in 2007. He said energy medicine is the next big frontier in medicine. In the future it won't be about bone, blood, tissue, chemistry - it will be about energy. 

There are hundreds of energy modalities. Trilogy takes the "active ingredients" from the top modalities and combines them into one 3 minute treatment. Instead of addressing one part of our being, it addresses ALL parts of our being. Thoughts, feelings, actions, acupuncture points, meridians, chakras, governing and conception vessels, memories, and more. 

This has never been done before. The result is the fastest, most complete and holistic treatment in the world.

Relax and let go as Lorrie guides you through your Customized Trilogy in Real Time.  Each Guided Trilogy Session is recorded (both audio and video) and lasts approximately 3-5 minutes. You'll receive both audio and video recordings of your Trilogy Process so you can simply hit play and follow along.  This is the easiest and most effective way to experience Trilogy.

Each session lasts 15-25 minutes.

*When you invest in 3 or more Guided Coding sessions you get access to one of our Monthly GROUP Custom Guided Trilogy Calls (a $49 value).

In these personal custom guided Trilogy sessions, we will:

  • Determine what issue or issues to address with the codes each time.

  • Test for early memories, known or unknown that may be blocking or may be the source of the problem or block.

  • Record a Custom Guided Trilogy for you to simply play and follow along.

Please take a look at our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before you sign up.

We also offer Regular Trilogy Sessions. These are personal one on one Trilogy sessions where we determine what to address, test for early memories hidden or generational and create the Trilogy Process for you to do. *These are not like the guided sessions where Lorrie records the Trilogy Process for you and we do it together. You will write down the Trilogy and do it on your own after we meet. They are personalized for you and you are also given a suggested protocol on how to use it most effectively.

Please take a look at our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before you sign up.  

Lorrie, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have this incredible ability to know exactly what’s going on in my head even when I don’t! Over these past few months of doing The Codes with you I’m experiencing more peace, more ease, more joy, and I am actually starting to notice more ease around my finances, which is what I came to you for. Thank you so much!
— KW, Madison, WI