Connecting with your body is an important piece of living your fully connected life. Lorrie will guide you through a warm up, short Interval Training workout (10-20 minutes), and a cool down.  Interval Training is the most powerful way to get strong and in shape quickly and "easily."  Well, okay, it might not always be easy, but it is fun!  Get ready to feel what your body is capable of.  You're gonna be sore and you're gonna love it!

Please make sure to check out our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before signing up.  

These sessions are in groups of Seven Consecutive sessions.  You and Lorrie will meet over Zoom (a video app) once a day for a week (we will email you's super easy).  You will work together for your 20-30 minute session each day and at the end of the full week, you will receive videos of all sessions.  You can then use those videos each day for the three weeks to continue your progression.  Or, if you've invested in the 14 or 28 day programs, you can use them for the next month and a half or three months.   

We recommend you have some small and medium weights (3-12lbs) and exercise bands before you get started with this program.  You can purchase them on Amazon or take a look at your local thrift store!  

Lorrie's personal experience with Interval Training:  When I went to graduate school in London I ended up gaining some weight.  Not a huge amount, about ten pounds, but because I'm used to my regular size, it felt like a lot!  I was still doing very advanced yoga every day (very important to me) and was also hiking several miles 5 days a week.  I even tried running for 30 minutes 5 days a week in addition to the yoga and hiking.  But I just wasn't losing the weight!  I heard about Interval Training from a friend and started to do it...usually 15-20 minutes a day.  This involves doing very high intensity exercises in short bursts.  I was super wiped for the first month, but I was determined!  After that first month, I could tell I was getting SO much stronger and started to have more energy than before.  I also noticed in my yoga practice I had more physical confidence in my poses.  AND...sure enough...the pounds started to melt away.  

Since then, I've never looked back.  Interval Training not only keeps me fit, it allows me to feel more confident in my body.  And now, honestly, I can sometimes eat tons of calories for awhile...holidays, hello! (granted, it's all super healthy) and only gain a pound or two and then lose it just as easily. More importantly, I feel strong and good in my body.  

Interval Training is the easiest, fastest, most effective way to get strong and lean I know of.  And to FEEL strong and lean in your body.