Sessions with Lorrie begin to work before you even meet.  There is a powerful field of resonance that will begin to gently adjust, smooth, and ease your vibration.  During the session you will experience loving guidance and inevitable movement. And of!  After each session, let go and allow the work to can go miles and miles with only one session.  


Introductory Single Session

If you want to see if we’re a good fit, you’re welcome to book an introductory session. To get the most out of our time together, get really clear about what you want from the session. Your intention makes a difference.


Touchstone Package: 3 Sessions

When you first begin your Touchstone sessions, consistency is very helpful to allow vibrational changes to get a foothold so they stay with you. Over the course of your 3 sessions, you’ll gain momentum in your desired direction and practice your focus and skills you learn. Give yourself plenty of time between sessions and listen to your inner guidance about when to schedule your next session.


Touchstone Tune Up

Once you’ve done the 3 Touchstone Sessions, you can do a 1/2 hour Tune Up. If you want to smooth things out or get a boost, this is perfect for you. We can get a lot accomplished in a half hour! You’ll be surprised at how much clarity, focus, and movement you’ll experience.

Lorrie, these Touchstone Sessions are a whooooole other level. Your gentle guidance has allowed me to really start opening my heart. To feel SAFE to open my heart. I haven’t yet met the love of my life, but it’s actually okay that I haven’t yet! I know it will happen and in the meantime, I’m starting to have so much more fun. You reminded me that when we started with our first session I was hell bent on being with someone NOW. Ha. I totally forgot that! Other things are shifting, too. Subtle shifts like spontaneous moments of appreciation for things in my life. My house, my daughter, my health. What a gift! Thank you so much. For everything!
— Sharon, London, UK