Sessions with Lorrie begin to work before you even meet.  There is a powerful field of resonance that will begin to gently adjust, smooth, and ease your vibration.  During the session you will experience loving guidance and inevitable movement. And of!  After each session, let go and allow the work to can go miles and miles with only one session.  

Please make sure to check out the Prerequisites before you order.  

Prerequisites:  1.  Read the essential Living From Inspiration: Simple Start ebook.  If it is not yet available, read through the blog and the whole LFI site.  2.  Make a decision to be *willing* to be open and hand it over to Source.  All you need is to be willing.  3.  For your first booking, you must book a three session block.  Thereafter, you can book single sessions.  

You can also check out TERMS AND CONDITIONS for more information on policies.  

Lorrie, these Touchstone Sessions are a whooooole other level. Your gentle guidance has allowed me to really start opening my heart. To feel SAFE to open my heart. I haven’t yet met the love of my life, but it’s actually okay that I haven’t yet! I know it will happen and in the meantime, I’m starting to have so much more fun. You reminded me that when we started with our first session I was hell bent on being with someone NOW. Ha. I totally forgot that! Other things are shifting, too. Subtle shifts like spontaneous moments of appreciation for things in my life. My house, my daughter, my health. What a gift! Thank you so much. For everything!
— Sharon, London, UK