*The Universal Healing Code casts a very wide net. You’ll find that One On One Customized Trilogy Processes are the most powerful and effective. After that, the Trilogy Processes in the Online Subscription Program are the next step down as far as power and effectiveness (and very cost-effective). The Universal Healing Code is wonderful to use when Trilogy feels too fast or strong or when you aren’t able to do One On One Sessions or the Online Subscription Programs.

Identify the subject you’d like to shift your energy around. Rate it from 0 - 10, 10 is the most negatively intense. Before doing the Code, say your intention or a prayer from your heart about what you are releasing and what you are moving towards (stated in the positive). While doing the Code, either meditate, pray with a positive focus, or focus on something that feels good to you. Hold each position for 30 seconds and repeat until a total of 6 minutes has elapsed. Afterwards, relax for 5 - 15 minutes. Re-rate the subject after the rest period or the next day. You can do the Universal Code at any time.

  1. Both hands Bridge

  2. Both hands Adams Apple

  3. Both hands Jaws

  4. Both hands Temples


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