With the Yoga Play with Lorrie subscription program you'll find an ever-growing video library of a variety of yoga classes. You can also access LIVE classes to practice in real time with Lorrie! Take a look below to find out more about the different styles, levels, and the LIVE class schedule. Only $10/mo. You’ll be charged through PayPal automatically.

LIVE Class Schedule (all times are Eastern US)


* All Levels - You'll flow and play in this class at all levels, from beginner to advanced

* Yoga + HIIT - A progressive series that combines Lorrie's signature playful yoga teaching with 10-15 minutes of Interval Training. See www.livingfrominspiration.com/inspired-conditioning for more information.

* Beginner Yoga - Never taken a class or want a refresher on some basics? This is the class for you!

* Level I - For students who have taken one or more yoga classes before.

* Level II and Advanced - For students who have practiced yoga for some time. Also for advanced practitioners...make it your own practice:)

* Svaroopa Style Therapeutic Healing Yoga - Creates a deep release of tension throughout the body. Great for beginners and anyone with physical limitations.